K.blonde Toners FAQ


When would I use the k.blonde toners?

The k.blonde toners will allow for maximum neutralization of prelightened hair levels 8 - 10. Silver will give maximum neutralization and allow for a cool end result. Pearl will allow for great clarification of unwanted tones and if desired, a cool end result.

2. Can I mix the k.blonde toners with 0/00 from Gloss?
Yes, you could mix your k.blonde toner with 0/00 from Gloss. This will dilute the intensity of the tone a bit, giving you a bit more time for application and neutralization.
3. What developer would I mix k. blonde toners with?
K. blonde toners should be mixed with Gloss Developing Emulsion Long Lasting ( 6 vol. ) at a 1 part color, 2 part developer mixing ratio and are created to work fast. ( maximum processing time is generally 5 min. )

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