Complimentary Products FAQ

1. Is there any product to prevent irritation to the scalp?
Master Care Tonic, can be applied to the scalp prior to the application of any color service. It is a dermal scalp buffer.
2. Do you have any recommendations when dealing with extremely porous hair?
Utilize Master Care Lotion on the hair prior to the application of color. MCL will aid in equaling out the porosity of the hair for better penetration and longevity of color. Just apply the lotion to the hair and color. Do not rinse out.
3. What at home products should I recommend to my Lakme color clients?

Teknia Color Stay Shampoo and Conditioner should be recommended for all color clients. Teknia Deep Care Shampoo and Moisturizer should be recommended for all high lift blondes, high lighted and double processed clients. Always additionally recommend L2. Lakme's spray in, leave in conditioner with a pH of 3.

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