k.Blonde - Model with brown hair


The bleaching with one of the most advanced performances on the market. A new generation of high-performance vegan lighteners and protective agents, bonder inside, that take care of the hair in a more conscious way.

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K2.0 - Model with black hair


The most avant-garde treatment on the market. K2.0 is the second-generation biomimetic treatment (2.0) that restores the most damaged areas of the hair with material identical to the hair structure.
The results are spectacular: shiny and resilient hair.

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Teknia - Model with black hair


Scalp care. A challenge for fabulous hair.
Teknia is expanding its universe in order to continue inspiring and leading the way in conscious beauty and daily well-being.

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Reshaping Color - Model with brown hair

Reshaping Color

Collage, the flagship color. Gloss, Collage’s best ally.
Lakme USA color is a safe bet for vegan, sustainable, effective and dermatologically tested hair color.

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Aura - Black hair Model with smiling face

Vegan treatment that straightens, softens and eliminates frizz

AURA is the first biotechnological hair treatment with organic ingredients that straightens and softens the hair fiber and eliminates frizz. Discover hyaluroplasty, the new service that goes beyond the straightening treatments and frizz control.

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