K.blonde FAQ


Is it necessary to follow the mixing instructions for k.blonde bleach?

Yes, k.blonde has a specific mixing ratio to allow the product to work most effectively. The mixing ratio is one level scoop of k.blonde powder lightener, to 50 - 75 milliliters of developer.

2. Which developers can k.blonde be mixed with?
All 4 Collage developers and both of the Gloss developers. Depending on the hair you are working with and your desired end result, k.blonde can be mixed with 6V, 9V, 10V, 20V, 30V, and 40 V Lakme developers.
3. Can k.blonde be used for on scalp work?
Yes, k.blonde can be used for all lightening applications both on scalp and off scalp. When using k.blonde on scalp do not exceed 30V developer.

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