Gloss FAQ

1. When do I use the Gloss Developing Emulsion Long Lasting? What is the difference between it and the Gloss Developing Emulsion?
Gloss Developing Emulsion Long Lasting (6V) provides increased color intensity, better hair conditioning and extra shine to the tone applied. It can be used to refresh color and achieve tone on tone results without lifting. It can also be used to add depth to hair and create low lights. The Gloss Developing Emulsion (9V) is used when facilitating gray coverage and when 1 level of lift is desired on virgin hair.
2. I did not receive the gray coverage I had anticipated using Gloss?
Remember to incorporate the same percentage of neutral into your formula as the percentage of gray in the hair. The timing for gray coverage is 40 minute on clean, dry hair. Use Gloss Developing Emulsion. (9 vol.)
3. What level should the hair be decolorized to in order to use the 0/90 Gloss Mix Tones?
When using any of the mix tones independently on prelightened hair, for fantasy color end result, prelighten the hair to a level that allows the underlying pigment to work with the desired end tone. For example, on the 0/90, you should prelighten only to a level 6.
4. When using 10/22 to neutralize unwanted remaining yellow tones in the hair, how should I use it?
You can mix 10/22 with equal parts of the 0/00 and mix with the Gloss Developing Emulsion Long Lasting. The contact time should be only until the yellow has been neutralized. (5 minutes)

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