Bio Argan Oil

Treatment with 100% organic oil


Dry, light-textured oil absorbed instantly without the weight. For all types of hair.

The product's benefits

True, natural shine and velvety feel
Spectacular silky
Treats split ends delicately and softens the cuticle
Tames frizziness

Active ingredients Action Benefits

Argan oil: High linoleic acid and Omega 6 content

Moisturizing without greasy effect.

Prevents the hair losing elasticity and breaking. Softness, shine and silkiness.

Vitamin E Neutralizing free radicals and acting as powerful anti-oxidants. Protects the hair.
Available sizes:

Flask 125 ml
Ref. 43002


Apply 1 or 2 squeezes to the palms of the hands and spread well with the fingers. On dry hair or damp hair.
Use as a daily treatment.
Do not rinse.