Relaxing Night Drops


A scalp calming lotion for sensitive or irritated skin, providing immediate comfort and calming when applied.
Specifically for use at night.

The product's benefits

Calms and hydrates sensitive scalp.
Eliminates flakiness and itching.
Balances the scalp.
Immediate comfort and freshness.
Non-oily texture, penetrates the hair immediately without leaving any residuess.

Active ingredients Action Benefits

Cotton peptides

Softening, smoothing.

Hydrated scalp, reduction of flaking and itching.

Aloe Vera Softening, hydrating, healing. Reduces erythema.
Natural Betaine (sugar beet extract) Hydrating, anti-irritant. Balances the scalp and returns it to normal.
Bisabolol (camomile extract) Anti-inflammatory. Reduction of flaking, irritation and itching.
Menthol Refreshing. Immediate comfort and freshness.


Water from the Zermatt glacier

Water containing minerals and oligoelements with decongestant and natural properties which soften and protect the skin.

Relaxing fragrance

A fresh and relaxing, rugged fragrance, with notes of sage and ginseng.

Available sizes:

30 ml dropper/flask* Ref. 43132
*For sale in salons.


Apply to the scalp, particularly to sensitive areas.
Massage gently to help the product penetrate.
DO NOT RINSE. Instantaneous penetration. Non-oily.
It can be used everyday, particularly at night, or whenever an immediate calming effect is required.