Nourishing Mask


A mask that acts immediately to nourish and hydrate the scalp and dry hair.

The product's benefits

Hydrates and nourishes dry and very dry hair and scalp.
Makes hair easier to comb.

Active ingredients Action Benefit

Acqua-Oil Complex

Reconstitutes the protective hydrolipic layer.

Provides long term scalp comfort.

Babassu Oil
(from the Brazilian Amazon)
Nourishing and softening properties. Prevents dehydration, protects the hair and provides shine.
Macadamia Oil
(from trees native to Australia)
Hydromanil Hydrating sugar complex which provides moisture for the scalp. Immediate and long-lasting hydrating effect

Conditioning silicones

Cationic power attracts it to the areas which need it most.


Water from the Zermatt glacier

Water containing minerals and oligoelements with decongestant and natural properties which soften and protect the skin.

Invigorating fragrance

Full bodied fragrance with aquatic aromas on a woody base.

Available sizes:

250 ml jar* Ref. 43442
1000 ml jar Ref. 43443
*For sale in salons.


Spread over washed and towel-dried hair.
Massage and leave to act for a few minutes (with application of moist heat during 5 minutes).