Master Care

Stain Remover


Oil that effectively removes stains from the skin after coloring the hair.

The product's benefits

No artificial colors, preservatives or aromas.
Free from sulfates.
Dermatologically tested

Active agents Action Benefit
Eucalyptus essential oil Antiseptic, aromatic. Sensation of freshness and pleasant aroma.
Natural surfactants Clean the skin gently with
no irritation.
Remove stains, respecting the skin’s natural balance.
Available sizes:

Flask 100 ml with application tube
Ref. 45801


Application of Stain Remover should be done at the sink after washing the hair with Color Stay.
Apply the product to a piece of cotton wool and gently rub over the stained area of skin.
Shampoo the hair for the second time, as is usual when removing dye, using Color Stay.