Ultra strong hold gel.

The product's benefits

Long-lasting style and defined look.
Great shine and control.
Excellent humidity and flaking resistance.
Easy to work in.
Washes out easily.

Hold factor:


Hair type:
For all hair types.

Lemon fragrance on a mixture of cinnamon and amber.

Active Agents Action
Grape Seed™ Antioxidant Complex:
includes grape antioxidants (keratin
protector) and vitamin E antioxidants
(ceramide protector)
A natural barrier to protect the hair structure
from the damaging effects of free radicals.
· UV Protection
· Thermal Protection
· Color Safe
High-tech resins designed to provide styles with longer-lasting lift · Long lasting hold
· High humidity resistance
Styling tip

The perfect gel to achieve an authentic 50’s look. With great hold and a shiny finish. Try it!

Available sizes:

Tube 150 ml Ref. 46642


Apply to damp or dry hair.