TOP-TEN 10-in-1


Leave in style-care balm that creates the perfect finish for healthly hair.

The product's benefits

Creates the perfect finish for healthy hair.

Hold factor:


Hair type:
For all hair types.

Fresh floral bouquet of freesia with wood and white musk notes.

Active agents Action Benefits
Velsil Protects and softens. Velvet hair feel.
Covapearl Adds pearl highlights. Brilliant shine.
Styleze – Patented multifunctional polymer- Adheres to the hair fiber due to its cationic and mimetic nature. Frizz control.
High humidity resistance.
Heat styling protection.
Silk Complex Forms a thin film that creates a protective layer. Hydrates hair.
Helps disentangling.
Protects color.
Grape Seed™ Antioxidant Complex Neutralizes free radicals. Protects hair fiber against environmental stress.
Silicone Complex Coats damaged areas and forms a protective film. Repairs damaged ends.
Cationic UV filter Protects against UV rays. UV protection.
Styling tip

Apply TOP-TEN to towel dried hair. Protects hair against thermal heat, protects colour and has an amazing velvety effect. Apply after each wash. For hair that is sublime!

Available sizes:

Flask 150 ml Ref. 46632


Apply evenly to towel-dried hair and style.