Dry shampoo.

The product's benefits

Freshens up between washes.
Enhances texture and body.
Absorbs oil without white residue.
Easy to style.

Hold factor:


Hair type:
For all hair types.

Fragrance with a refreshing note of green tea.

Active Agents Action
Grape Seed™ Antioxidant Complex:
includes grape antioxidants (keratin protector) and vitamin E antioxidants (ceramide protector)
A natural barrier to protect the hair structure from the damaging effects of free radicals.
· UV Protection
· Thermal Protection
· Color Safe
Styling tip

If you want to give texture to your hairstyle, spray BRUSH UP on your hair and roots (on dry hair) and use your fingers to give it shape and texture. You will achieve a perfect casual look.

Available sizes:

Atomizer 200 ml Ref. 46653


Shake before use.
Hold can 25 cm (10-12 inches) from hair.
Spray onto dry hair using an even, all-around circular motion.
Brush afterwards.