Deep Care



Restoring shampoo for dry or brittle hair.

The product's benefits

Deeply nourishes dry or brittle hair.
Restores softness and natural moisture levels.

Formulated with

Formulated with:
WAA™: Natural wheat amino acids that act from the inside of the hair fiber. Complex with high moisturizing power, amino acids are absorbed deep into the hair fiber restoring optimum moisture levels. Hair recovers its equilibrium and the shine, softness and flexibility of healthy hair are restored.
Paraben free · PEG-free · Mineral oil free


Active agents Action Benefits
Abyssinian Oil (rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids) Provides in depth moisturizing without oiliness. Hair recovers its natural properties: strength, softness and shine. Improves combing.
Ceramides Restore and repair hair fiber by adhering to the cellular cement of keratin. Hair restored from roots to ends.
Available sizes:

Can 5000 ml Ref. 47714
Flask 1000 ml Ref. 47711
Flask 300 ml (*) Ref. 47712
Flask 100 ml (**) Ref. 47713(*) Retail size.
(**) Promotional size.


Apply to wet hair.