The LAKMÉ formula

At the Lakmé laboratories we have developed an exclusive method of formulation that reaches the centre of the hair fiber: High Affinity System (H.A.S).

We have applied this system of formulation to all our product families, thus developing a technical approach that constitutes a basic characteristic of our brand.

High Affinity System is the result of Lakmé’s research into new formulation resources.

Thanks to the selection of active principles most akin to the hair, the products we develop are as effective as possible while respecting the nature of the hair fiber.

H.A.S. is based on three principles of formulation:

ico1 Protein affinity:
proteins identical to those found in the hair structure are selected so that they can be assimilated as if they belonged to the hair itself.
ico2 Molecular affinity:
small molecular-size particles are used to favor penetration into the hair fibers.
ico3 Electrostatic affinity:
particles with a positive charge are generated, which adhere to the molecules with a negative charge found in hair damaged by the effects of the sun, pollution or dryness.


All Lakmé products incorporate this system, which can be adapted to all types of hair and prepares it for optimum absorption of the active principles.