K.blonde toner

Silver & Pearl


Ammonia-free cream toner for blonde and bleached hair to neutralize unwanted yellow highlights to achieve a perfect, luminous, shiny blonde hair.

The product's benefits

Tones and neutralizes with spectacular results.
The hair fiber is repaired thanks to the incorporation of Ceramide Complex.

Active Agents Action Benefit
Ceramide Complex(combination of natural ceramides and beeswax) Repairs hair fiber. Guarantees soft, shiny and healthy hair.
Cationic Polymers The positively charged conditioning polymers attach themselves to the color penetrating the hair in-depth. More intense, uniform from roots to ends and long-lasting color.
Available sizes:

Box with 60 ml tube
Ref. 41141 – 41151


Dilution 1+2
60 ml of cream + 120 ml of Gloss Long lasting
Emulsion 6V
We recommend 2 to 5 minutes exposure, depending on the desired level of toning.