Bleaching Clay

K. blonde

Bleaching Clay


Bleaching clay for the most creative looks.

The product's benefits

Soft, clayey and consistent texture which adheres easily to the hair.
Allows any free technique to be applied.
Lightens up to 6 real shades.

Active Agents Action Benefit
(clay rich in minerals)
Absorbs moisture.
Envelops and softens the hair fiber.
Adheres to the hair without dripping or spilling.
Protects the hair fibers.
Available sizes:

Bag 450 g
Ref. 41123


Dilution 1:2 with Collage Hydrox developer 10V, 20V, 30V, 40V, or with Gloss Emulsion Long Lasting 6V.
We recommend 20-40’ exposure time depending on the level of lightening desired.