K. blonde

Compact bleaching powder-cream


Extremely active compact bleaching powder cream. Its homogeneous and stable, dust free formula prevents unpleasant inhalation while mixing. Can be used with any application on or off the scalp.

The product's benefits

Contains highly bleaching active agents that achieved improved lightening while respecting the hair fiber.
Contains wheat germ proteins that soften the hair fiber.
Bleaches up to 8 real shades.

Available sizes:

500g Jar + dispenser
Ref. 41121
24 x 20g sachets in a box
Ref. 41130


Mix 1+2 with Collage Hydrox peroxide 20ºV (6%)
or 30Vº (9%).
Apply to the roots or ends with a brush.
To carry out highlights, transparencies, etc., Collage Hydrox up to 40Vº (12%) can be used.
We recommend 30 to 45 minutes exposure.