Collage Mix Tones

Color intesifier


The permanent hair color that enhances the chromatic richness of the Collage range.

The product's benefits

It increases the intensity of highlights in any Collage color.
Fantasy colors are achieved by applying directly.
Neutralizes undesirable shades.

Active Agents Action Benefit
Soy Protein Soy protein protects the capillary fiber during the coloring process. Strong, healthy and shiny hair.
Polymers The positively charged conditioning polymers attach themselves to the color penetrating the hair in-depth. More intense, uniform and long-lasting color.
UVA-UVB Filters Protect hair from solar radiation. Hair and color with a high level of protection.
Available sizes:

Box with 60 ml tube
Ref. 20021 al 20701


Dilution 1 + 1,5
60 ml of cream + 90 ml of peroxide