Collage Redmotion

Creme Hair Color


Redmotion is a coloring system uniquely formulated by pigments with a high chromatic color power.
Long lasting red shades.

The product’s benefits

Spectacular, intense hair results.
Creates highlights that contrast strongly with natural hair.
Recommended to create intense Collage results.

Active Agents Action Benefits
Meadowfoam Oil Double protection for the cortex and cuticle. Ultra-cosmetic properties that ensure a shine and intense protection of the hair.
Cationic, highly powerful hair color Adhers to the capillary fiber plus penetrates the cortex due to natural affinity and size. Intense and vibrant color.
Available sizes:

Box with 60 ml tube
Ref. 20941, 20951 y 20991


Dilution 1 + 1,5
60 ml of cream + 90 ml of peroxide