Collage Clair

Superblonding color creme 1+2


Lighten natural 7 base color without bleach up to 5 shades with the superblonding permanent hair color.

The product's benefits

Offers very low levels of ammonia and greater neutralizing power
The hair fiber is repaired thanks to the incorporation of Ceramide Complex.
Warm blondes toned with luminous and long-lasting highlights.
Cool blondes are neutralized, pure and brilliant.

Active agents Action Benefit
Ceramide Complex (combination of natural ceramides and beeswax) Repairs hair fiber. Guarantees soft, shiny and healthy hair.
Cationic polymers Positively charged conditioning polymers join together with the colorants to improve their penetration. More intense color that lasts, perfectly even from root to tip.
Available sizes:

Box with 60 ml tube
Ref. 29951 al 29981


Dilution 1 + 2
60 ml of cream + 120 ml of peroxide